How to Create Sleek Hair Just Like NY Fashion Week Models

Sleek hair was everywhere in NY Fashion Week. One for all was Bella Hadid who look gorgeous with this kind of hairstyle during the Prabal Gurung runway show. The good thing about this super chic hairstyle is that is super easy to make.

It is fast, effortless and the result is simply amazing.

How to Create Sleek Hair Just Like NY Fashion Week Models

Here’s how you do it: Straighten your hair with flat iron, make sure there is no curl left. You’ll need to add texture, so add a dry shampoo lightly from the roots to tip. Then you’ll need to slide a tooth comb from the middle of the hair and add more volume to the front half of your hair. The most important part is your hair on the top.

Once you’re done, apply pomade to your hair. To make sure it will hold use a boar bristle brush and holding spray.

How to Create Sleek Hair Just Like NY Fashion Week Models

And here you go, you are ready for the catwalk! Bring a holding spray in your bag with you just to be able to adjust the hair here and there if it gets less precise. Everyone will love your hairstyle!

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