How to Clean your Makeup Sponge, Hassle-Free

Toss it in the microwave! You may have heard this before, but did you know it actually works? It does – it’s just not as simple as putting the used sponge on the microwave tray and pressing start. If you do this, you may end up with a melted sponge. Here are the steps to take.

Step One: Mix Soap and Water

Start off by mixing water and mild soap in a microwave-safe cup. Now, dip the sponge in the cup, put it in the microwave, and set it on one minute.

How to Clean your Makeup Sponge, Hassle-Free

Step Two: Remove the Cup

Let the cup cool for a bit, then remove it from the oven. Instead of soapy water, you will now have liquid makeup residue, leaving your makeup sponge looking brand new.

How to Clean your Makeup Sponge, Hassle-Free

Step Three: Ring the Sponge Out

Once the water isn’t hot anymore, ring it out. It’s ready to be used again.

This technique was initially applied for kitchen sponges. Microwaving it in soapy water is like a more intense version of washing it in your washing machine, which uses soap and hot water to cleanse fabrics. The energy of the microwave will probably kill any microorganisms growing inside the sponge. The only disadvantage is that the sponge quality will deteriorate much faster than it otherwise would. You can always buy a new one if this happens – never compromise your health


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