How The Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater Become A Must In Your Wardrobe

Those plain color sweaters, that some will say are a bore and not special enough can be the best item in your closet.

What the Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater does is to fit itself to any other item you might have in your closet, so you can have as many combinations as you pleased, therefore it is recommended to have at least few sweaters in different colors to allow the best matchings.

The cashmere crew neck sweater can be long, ¾ length or short sleeved, but always has the closer to the neck cut.

The best-kept secret about this item is that you can wear some elegant pants with it and high heels and go to an important meeting, to wear you worn out jeans and a pair of Allstars and look as casual as you want – the sweater will adjust itself to the situation and will not look out of place in both cases.

Some friend invited you to a party and you are not sure if there is a dress up code or not? Here is your classic solution.

And all this without even mentioning all that is good about – Yes – Cashmere.

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