How Taking a Break Can Actually Improve Your Skills

When it comes to improving our skills in any field we’re in, there’s usually a consensus that consistent practice is the only real way to get better. From a technical standpoint, this is true. Without proper technique and endless hours of experience and repetition, we won’t have the foundation necessary to thrive. However, there’s another element of improvement that doesn’t get talked about enough—an element that can only be enhanced by taking a break.

The Life Experience Factor

It’s foolish to think that art is just about art, or that business is just about business. Every craft that you can possibly engage in has indirect ties to who we are, and the life experiences that we go through. Technical skill is important, but there’s a whole sea of intangible elements that set us apart from the crowd.

It’s our unique voice, our vision, our mantra, our brand—that allows our work to make a difference. Without taking any breaks, it may be hard for your skills to take shape. In order for your capabilities to have direction, you need time to recharge. You need to “forget” everything because when you finally come back to your craft, the life experience you gained along the way will inform your next move.

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