How Alexis Ren Became one of the Most Popular Models on Instagram

Like many other models, Alexis Ren used an online teen audience and popular social networking sites to begin her rise to fame.

Originally, she started out as an amateur model working for clothing companies, such as Brandy Melville, throughout the United States and that is when the sexy Jay Alvarez entered the picture. Of course, young teenage girls grew an obsession with the blond curly haired surfer boy but after noticing the beautiful blonde goddess, Alexis Ren, in almost all of his Instagram posts, there was no way these teens would not do their research.

How Alexis Ren Became one of the Most Popular Models on Instagram

The two became one of the most popular “couple goals”, as some would say. With posts taken in places like Bora Bora or Hawaii, swimming amongst sting-rays while flashing a gorgeous bathing suit line, it is impossible one could overlook her youthful and vibrant energy.

How Alexis Ren Became one of the Most Popular Models on Instagram

Although the two are no longer together, the skinny waisted model continued to work hard, expanding her popularity within her modeling career by working for photographers such as Mario Testino as well as advertising for clothing companies, jewelry lines, and her specialty bathing suit lines. Who wouldn’t with a body as perfect as hers?

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