How to Make a High Ponytail Like the Stars

Start by blow-drying the roots in the desired direction of the ponytail. The key to making all the hair go in the same direction is to apply some heat and a brush. This way, you will redirect it right from the root. 

Then, secure a half-up ponytail. Gather the top section of your hair using a comb or boar bristle brush to smooth it back. Secure it with a small hair tie once all the bumps are gone where you want the base of your ponytail to be.

How to Make a High Ponytail like the Stars

To make this year, spray a toothbrush with hairspray and brush flyaway hair in a backward direction. Then smooth the flyaways in with the rest of your hair seamlessly.

How to Make a High Ponytail like the Stars

Add the bottom half to the half-ponytail. The trick to getting both the underneath and the top of your hair to stay smooth and secure is breaking the process up into two parts. 

Secure both ponytails together using a bungee cord. The best way to keep your ponytail from moving off-center as you bring it in place is by using a bungee elastic.

How to Make a High Ponytail like the Stars

To do this, hold the ponytail in place with one hand, place the hook securely into the base of the hair, wrap the bungee elastic around it tightly until you’ve reached the end of the cord, and then secure it by hooking in the other end.

Finally, cover the elastic band with a small lock of hair. Wrap an inch of hair from beneath the ponytail around the base until the bungee is fully covered.

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