Here’s What Your Hairstyle Says About Your Personality

Hairstyles say a lot about your personality. So when you choose the way you want your hair to look,  you are also choosing how to be perceived by the public. Or at least that is according to author Alain de Botton.

Apparently, hairstyling is a way to express key elements of who we are. This is the main point that de Botton argues in the recent video from The School of Life. He has a real “dictionary of hair” that associates each meaning to the various styles, from slicked-back ponytails and waves. For example, he says: “Choosing an “emphatic” side part means you’re trying to show the world you’re careful, patient, sensible, modest, realistic and dependable.”

Of course, this is just one opinion of what you could be communicating with your hairstyles. However, de Botton focuses on the empowering aspects of choosing your own hairstyle. So next time, before you go to the hairdresser, think well!
You might be sending a specific message without even realizing it!

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