Here’s Three DJ’s To See In NYC This February If You Love EDM

If you’re on the hunt for more live music, or just an excuse to go out with friends over the weekend, then you should check out these three EDM artists in February. EDM, or electric dance music, is a great way to get your blood pumping and dance with friends. Keep reading for a few artists to check out this month in the Big Apple.

Zedd- February 17th-18th

Zedd has produced many hits and is featured in many songs with popular artists such as Selena Gomez. This artist is a must see over the weekend, especially if you love hit songs such as Clarity and The Middle. Zedd will be performing at the Brooklyn Hanger and tickets start at $130. Don’t miss this one!

Tiesto- February 8th and 9th

Tiesto is another cult classic for all EDM lovers with his versatile sound and upbeat tracks. Up and coming artists such as Tate Mcrae and Ava Max have been featured on his tracks, and he is not to be missed for fans of pop and EDM. He’ll be performing at the Brooklyn Hanger and tickets start at $135.

Loud Luxury- February 2nd

Fans of this underrated group have the opportunity to see them right in the city at the Marquee. Some of their hit songs include Body and Sunroof. Listeners will enjoy a real club experience in Manhattan’s infamous Marquee. Tickets start at $60.

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