Here are Your Clean Girl Aesthetic Essentials

The Clean Girl Aesthetic, with its natural and understated charm, is gaining popularity among beauty enthusiasts. It’s all about embracing your natural beauty while enhancing your features with a few carefully chosen essentials. Here are some must-haves to achieve this effortlessly chic look.

Brown/Burgundy Mascara (L’Oréal)

Swap your classic black mascara for a brown or burgundy shade. It offers a softer, more delicate finish that complements the Clean Girl Aesthetic perfectly. L’Oréal’s range offers various shades and is known for its long-lasting, clump-free formulas.

Multi-Purpose Stick (e.g., Merits)

Ditch heavy foundations and opt for a multi-purpose stick like Merits. These gems work wonders as a concealer, foundation, and highlighter all in one. They provide a light, natural coverage that evens out your skin tone while letting your freckles shine through.

Lip Stain for Lips and Blush (e.g., Benetint, Milk Makeup)

Minimalism is key with this aesthetic. Lip stains, such as Benetint by Benefit or Milk Makeup’s Lip + Cheek, offer a natural flush of color to your lips and cheeks. They blend seamlessly into your skin, giving you that healthy, rosy glow without looking overdone.

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