Here Are Three Hot New Hair Colors For Spring

As we enter a new season, many of us will feel the need to change up our hair. For you, that may look like getting a bob cut in, changing up your bangs, or opting for a brand new shade. If it’s the latter, check out these hot new hair colors which will be big news this spring and summer.

Syrup Blond

This shade is best described as a golden blonde with some slighter darker undertones, to balance out the shimmering highlights. For celeb inspiration, check out Rihanna’s recent blonde do, as well as Sydney Sweeney’s warm, buttery highlights.

Cool Taupe

This shade of brown may initially seem mousy, but there’s nothing boring about it! Unlike many other brunette shades, this taupe hair color has a cool undertone, meaning it looks effortlessly sleek and impactful and suits a huge range of skin tones.

Honey Rose

Fusing together recent styles which have favored rose gold and pastel pink, this honey-toned pink is super flattering and pretty. Like any light shade, it will require some serious upkeep, so if you opt for this or something similar have a long conversation with your stylist first about what maintenance will look like for you.

Spring is a great excuse to switch up your hair color, and with so many exciting and beautiful shades to choose from, the only problem is choosing the one you want the most!

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