Handwritten Love Letters for Valentine’s Day

Consider the following romantic idea for this year’s Valentine’s Day: go old-school. Instead of sending yet another GIF of Fez from That 70’s Show drawing a heart in the air, embrace a more personal touch by reviving handwritten love letters. Those things you get by putting pen to paper and connecting with your feelings, remember? In a digital world, it can be just the analog touch your heart needs.

Where Do You Start?

Grab a stylish notebook or some fancy stationery to make your message pop. Now, think of a cool spot to leave your love note. Sneak it into your significant other’s backpack, tuck it into their favorite book, or slip it into their laptop bag.

If your partner is up for it, another fun option can be turning the whole thing into a DIY Valentine’s Day date. Light some candles, play romantic tunes, and spend a cozy night indoors writing love notes to each other. It’s a nostalgic throwback to the pre-digital era with a modern twist.

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