Hair Trend Predictions of 2018

The past 10 years have produced a huge variety of new fashion and beauty trends. Hairstyles are seen as a staple to someone’s overall look and appearance. This may be why people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to get their hair highlighted and cut to their heart’s content. In the recent past, women have experienced the popularity of side bangs, bobs, bright golden blonde highlight, and a decent amount of other styles. Even more recently, hair trends have become much more experimental and there has been a growth in the number of people willing to experiment with neon hair colors.

Moving away from the year 2017, some beauty stylists have predicted the future hair trends for 2018, and they are much more natural.

While it is predicted that the ombre hairstyle, which fades someones dark hair into lighter shades at the bottom, will be here to stay in 2018, the stark change from dark to light will be introduced more naturally and subtly.

Another trend is warming up brown hair colors. Adding in glosses or warm honey highlights will be a popular trend in the upcoming year.

The trend of blonde will be more platinum this year.  Unlike recent years where some people dye their hair almost yellow in order to obtain the blonde look, people will be more adventurous and opt for a more platinum or ashy colored hairstyle.

“Root beer hair” is another trend which is brown hair with auburn highlights. Starts like Selena Gomez and Olivia Munn already sport this look.

Mulled Wine hair color is another interesting trend that started this past winter. This shade of color is an exceptionally rich and deep purple- red color that looks as classy as wine tastes.

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