Greatest Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette Dupes

Urban Decay’s Naked Heat Palette, launched in June 2017, is the perfect makeup palette for summer. The vibrant warm colors are sure to brighten up any makeup look, but unfortunately, not everyone has over $50 at our disposal to splurge on this pricey palette.

Fortunately, though, there are a number of very similar dupes available to buy at much more affordable prices.

Greatest Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette Dupes

Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Palette

For only $7, the Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Palette in the color scheme “Iconic Fever” offers many colors that are almost identical to ones found in the Naked Heat Palette. This palette has many of the same vibrant reds, browns, and orange tints that are perfect for summer.


Greatest Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette Dupes

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette

Other affordable options to achieve a similar look are the NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Warm Neutrals and the Morphe 25B Palette. The NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette offers versatile color options for only $17.99.

In addition to a similar color scheme, the NYX palette has a wider variety of light neutral eyeshadow options.


Greatest Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette Dupes

Morphe 25B

The Morphe 25B also offers many of the same warm and sparkly shades as the Naked Palette at $17.99 with a whopping 25 different eyeshadow colors (compared to 12 in the Naked Palette) at a lower price!

So if you’re searching for a new palette to achieve a warm summer makeup glow, but Urban Decay’s Naked Heat palette isn’t quite in your price range, fret no longer!


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