Free Ways to Organize Your Home

If you’ve spent a significant amount of time in a homeware store, then you’ll surely know just how many jars, Tupperware, and other organizers exist in order to keep your home neat and tidy. Still, you don’t actually have to spend tons of money to keep your house in check. Here are some effective free ways to organize your home.

Shoe Boxes Come In Handy

Before you throw out a shoe box, consider whether you could use it to store old photographs, jewelry, sunglasses, or other items. It can also be an effective way of storing items that lack a proper place in the house.

Save Glass Jars

From salsa to canned fruit and all different kinds of sauces, many grocery items are sold in jars. Once you’ve finished this food, make sure to keep the jars and use them for storage afterward. This certainly makes for a much cheaper alternative to purchasing designer organizing jars from a homeware store.

Phone Boxes as Dividers

If you have many old cell phones lying around, then the boxes can be used as dividers to keep your drawers organized. Simply empty each box and line them up in the drawer, making for several compartments.

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