Florals For Spring? Here Are 3 New Ways To Style This Fashion Classic

Some seasonal styles come around again and again (festive sparkles, anyone?) and florals in springtime are one of the true classics. The enduring popularity of flower motifs is partly due to the fact that there is a floral style out there for everyone, and this is more true this season than ever before. From daring floral ‘naked dresses’ to bold, daisy prints, here are three new takes on florals for spring which will make this trend feel fresh and new.

Floral Fancies

It’s been impossible to ignore the rise of the slip dress across fashion runways and the red carpets. This style of dress is gauzy, gossamer thin and more than a little see-through. Now florals are taking on this flirtatious style, with many celebrities choosing to dress in slip dresses emblazoned with delicate flowers. At once fashionable and pretty, this look is a real-world friendly version of the naked dress trend.

Flower Power Boots

What’s one great way to amplify your shoes and really make them do the talking? Cover your favorite boots in flowers, of course! Sitting nicely alongside the ‘cottage core’ trend, floral boots and shoes can look feminine and whimsical, or a little more punky and grunge, depending on how you style them.

Let Your Hands Do The Talking

If you really can’t face another season of floral wear, why not take the trend to your nails? This can feel seriously fresh and bang on trend for spring, without the need to cover yourself in head to toe flowers.

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