This is The New Hair Color Trend for Brunettes

This new beauty trend has a weird name. It is called “oil slick hair,” but it has nothing to do with actual grease and everything to do with an amazing new color technique for your hair which appears in oil.

This new trend started at Sally Hershberger Salon, Aura Friedman started applying jewel tones over darker hair. The result is color that comes out of darker shades and not ultra-pale ones like with the opal hair color trend.

For this reason, this beauty trend is perfect for brunettes and girls with hair of a dark tone. Aura Friedman told PopSugar that her goal was to recreate the appearance of when gasoline is on the ground and it rains. And that’s exactly what she has done!

There’s some purple and dark green. Not to mention that with this trend you’ll need to go less to the hairdresser because with this color you’ll see less regrowth. So thank you Aura for giving us a new cool trend and a way to save some money on our hairdresser!

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