Fashionable Colors of Spring and Summer

Whenever you’re seeking true to trend fashion advice, Vogue is always a good source to use as your go to. Vogue is always on top of what the latest and greatest new trends are in virtually every fashion forward market in existence.

This year, Vogue explains that the colors that will be trending for the upcoming spring and summer seasons will be taking two very different, yet fashionable, directions. The first trend that will be popularly supported by those who consider themselves to be fashion forward will be that of a softer palette.

Lavender, soft pinks, light blues, and other light shades will make up on half of the color trend during this upcoming season. These colors lend themselves more towards a natural, whimsical style.

On the other hand, another bolder trend will be emerging at the same time. Bright colors and blocked patterns will be extremely in as well. These colors will be worn by those wanting to make a bright statement and will be more likely to make you stand out in a crowd versus becoming one with the season.

The emergence of these two trends at the same time marks a period in which the fashion industry is ready to accept a multitude of options for consumers to explore. Instead of relying solely on the coolest or most in trend, the fact that two trends can be so starkly different but still coexist in the fashion world shows that designers and consumers are becoming more open to exploring different fashion trends and ideas.

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