Ultimate Face Shape Guide

Although determining your face shape can be challenging, doing so can very much come handy when it comes to makeup.  This guide will help you determine your face’s frame shape so you can take full advantage of the benefits.

Do the measuring:

According to Chinese expert, Jean Haner, there is a series of measurements you need to find out what your geometry is, these are the following:

  1. Headline width
  2. Jawline width (Measure from underneath your ear to your chin and multiply by two)
  3. Cheekbone width (Measure form the outer corner of one eye to another)
  4. Face length

Once you’ve gathered this information you can check out the four most common face shape descriptions below so you can determine to which you fall under.

Ultimate Face Shape Guide


Your forehead is rounded at the top as well as it is your jawline. The width and length of your face are relatively the same.


Ultimate Face Shape Guide


Both, your hairline and from your jaw to your forehead, follow straight lines. Your face is about the same as long as it is wide and your jaw has a strong squared line.


Ultimate Face Shape Guide


The width of your forehead is smaller than your cheekbones and these are wider than your jawline. You have a narrow chin and your face is shorter than it is long.


Ultimate Face Shape Guide


The width of your forehead is smaller than your cheekbones (which are the widest part of your face), you have no sharp angles and your face is longer than it is wide.

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