Easy Ways to Organize Your Junk Drawer

Are you struggling to find storage space in your home as your drawers pile up with clutter? Perhaps it’s time to clear out your junk drawer. Here are some easy ways to organize your junk drawer so you can get a little more space.

Think Of What’s Useful

While you may hold onto many items in your home because you never know when you’ll need them, it’s important to seriously consider if everything truly is important. If you’ve never used an item and don’t see a scenario when you would, it’s probably time to part ways.


Sometimes, the reason you don’t have space in your junk drawer isn’t because you have too much in there. It could be because you’re not utilizing the space to the best of your ability. Make sure to categorize and sort items, such as screws and masking tape, so that everything has a dedicated space and can be easily found.

Only Have One Junk Drawer

If there are many random items that you own that really don;t have a dedicated space, then the junk drawer may be your only option. Still, keeping track of random stuff can be difficult, so make sure to have just one dedicated junk drawer so that you know that everything you could possibly need is in one space.

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