Does Everyone Prefer Working From Home?

When the Coronavirus hit the world like a ton of bricks, it left workplaces retreating to a work-from-home format. Eventually, the idea caught on long after the pandemic faded away, leaving companies with dilemmas regarding whether they should be fully at the office, fully remote, or hybrid. Many people assume that everyone prefers working from home—but this is actually far from the case, and here’s why that matters.

Embracing Hybrid Models

The truth is that many people love getting out of bed and making the commute to an office every day. Many people prefer the camaraderie of seeing co-workers every day. The reason this matters is that they’ll be more productive if they’re more comfortable—but they can’t if they’re forced to work from home.

Indeed, many companies have left the office completely and resorted to a weeklong remote situation. This is great if it works for everyone across the board, but what about the ones who actually don’t prefer it? Feeling alienated, they may be unsure if they should speak up and voice their preferences. It’s important for company leaders to appreciate the diversity of their employees, including when it comes to matters of remote work—and the preferences that come with it.

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