Curtain Bangs Are The Winter Trend

Whoever seriously thought curtain bangs weren’t ever gonna come back in style should take some time to reevaluate their life. Yes, you heard it, curtain bangs are back and they are better than ever. The curtain bangs were a fan favorite back in the ‘70s, and were made famous by man icons, including Debbie Harry. Now they’re showing up on the likes of celebrities everywhere. Studies are showing that the bangs have shown a 600% spike in pins on Pinterest, and are being found on people’s news feeds across the nation. Who could blame them? Done correctly, the bangs perfectly frame the sides of your face, providing the perfect drapage for your visage.

The trend isn’t about how you are cutting your hair but how you are styling it. Instead of leaving your bangs dangling in front of your forehead, stars like Lady Gaga and JLo are parting them near the middle, draping them towards the sides like you would with curtains in your home. This looks results in a wash-n-go style, where it gives you that laid back edge that looks effortless and casual, keeping you from looking like you’re trying too hard. The effortless fringe can vary in lengths, from falling right at the eyebrows to all the way down to the chin.

Stylist Jordi Martinez says, “[Curtain bangs] work with straight hair and they also work with wavy hair as long as it’s not too wavy in the front.” Martinez says to use a leave in conditioner and hairspray to keep the hair in place. “The most important thing is to know how to use the direction of the blow-dryer. You blow them out just using your fingers and the dryer, going in one direction first and then in the other direction,” says Martinez. “And then you just smooth them out a little bit with a round brush if you need to.” This certainly sounds easy enough and looks great in the end! We see why this trend is catching on so quickly now!

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