Correct Way To Wash Your Face

Ever wonder why your daily skin care treatment doesn’t always work? Do you still have loads of pimples and redness despite your care routine? Well, odds are you’re washing your face wrong. Yes, there are actually wrong ways to watch your face. When washing your face, you should make sure you’re using lukewarm water. Exposing the skin to extreme hot or cold water can cause irritation, dryness, and redness. Lukewarm water is a perfect happy medium for the skin.

Correct Way To Wash Your Face

While washing and exfoliating your skin is always good, make sure to not over wash and exfoliate. This could lead to the same symptoms you’d get from too hot or too cold water, all of which destroy your skin’s ability to fight off pimple-causing bacteria. When scrubbing your face, make sure to spend at least two full minutes of cleansing and rinsing. Rushing through a wash doesn’t guarantee that all of the dirt and oil was adequately removed from the face.

Once you’re done with your skin routine, make sure to dry your face with a towel by patting, not rubbing. Rubbing rather than patting can cause irritation of the skin and seriously damage the skin’s elasticity, which can cause major sagging in the future. Make sure to use a fresh cloth every time in order to prevent the spread of bacteria. After a nice pat down, incorporating little essential oil could never hurt.

Correct Way To Wash Your Face

Massaging oils into your skin helps to dissolve other oils and help reduce blemish making bacterias. Remember to always be gentle throughout the whole routine. Harsh scrubbing can really aggravate the skin and creates harmful tears and stretches. For best results, apply products in a smooth circular pattern. The last and one of the most important tips for a healthy face is to never forget to moisturize. Keeping the skin hydrated is a very important step in keeping your skin healthy and clean.

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