Corduroy is Here to Stay Through Winter 2024. Here’s How to Wear It Well

Corduroy is nothing new—it’s been around for ages, effortlessly turning winter looks from basic to wow. And, in case you were wondering, it’s definitely here to stay for 2024! Flaunt the warmth and style that timeless corduroy offers with these three simple ways to incorporate it into your winter wardrobe.

Elevate Your Casual With Corduroy Pants

If you want to go for upgraded basic, one of the ultimate go-to moves for a casual-chic vibe is corduroy pants. Pair a pair (get it?) with your favorite graphic tee for a look that conveys comfort without compromising on style.

Wrap it Up With Corduroy Jackets

Step up your outdoor fashion game with a corduroy jacket in a vibrant hue. It’s not only going to keep you on-trend but also actually keep you warm! Corduroy jackets are a cozy, bold fashion statement for those who like to stand out in the winter crowd.

Top It Off With Corduroy Bucket Hats

Accessories matter, and this winter, it’s all about the corduroy bucket hat. Quirky and cool, it’s the ultimate piece to cap off your 2024 style. Whether you’re going all out with corduroy in your wardrobe or just testing the ribbed waters, this hat has real potential to be the cherry on top of your winter fashion sundae.

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