How To Wear Bright Makeup And Look Flawless

Instagram and other social media are full of pictures of the most beautiful and creative makeup looks and while they are an inspiration to many makeup fanatics around the world, most of us have difficulties creating a look that won’t make us look like complete nutcases. So how do you wear those bright makeup colors?  Stop worrying, because we have a few simple tips for you, so that you too can look your best wearing bright makeup colors.

How To Wear Bright Makeup And Look Flawless

Wearing a bright nail polish color is by far the most popular and easiest way to show off your vibrant personality though makeup. According to celebrity manicurist Tracylee Percival you can wear any shade you want but it’s also very important to look at your skin’s undertone. “Pinks and blues look great on cooler skin tones. Orange and yellow-based reds look best on warmer complexions,” she explained.

How To Wear Bright Makeup And Look Flawless

Bright eye makeup on the other hand, can be a bit of a challenge. While we know it is tempting to smear that gorgeous coral orange eyeshadow all over your eyelids, it is an absolute no-go with these kind of colors. Instead try to keep it only on your lower lid and not past the crease.  Another tip is to keep all other makeup  natural when wearing bold eye makeup.

How To Wear Bright Makeup And Look Flawless

We all love a bold lip color. Classic red is still a fan favorite but bright colors like fuchsia and even mint green are a current trend as well. When wearing colors like these, celebrity makeup artist James Kaliardos recommends using matte formulas, so that your lip color is more controllable and less likely to slide around. He also advices to use a foundation which gives your skin a more dewy look. “When you’re using matte lip color, the whole face can look flat. Glowing skin helps you pull off a strong look,” he said to Elle.

The best advice to nail a bright and vibrant makeup look is to wear it with confidence. Nothing is more beautiful and attractive than a woman who is confident in herself and wears whatever she desires!



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