Boost Your Hair Health Naturally With These Vitamins

The summer sun can dry out our hair, and the fall weather is far from helpful. If you’re seeking glossy strands, consider trying one of the following supplements or changing your diet to include more of these vitamins and minerals. For hair to really shine, our bodies need certain nutrients, and if your diet isn’t providing enough it will show in your mane. Take back control, and see the difference that the right supplements can make.


Known for its role in assisting cell growth, zinc is essential in supporting your oil glands to produce sebum, which in turn moisturizes your hair and keeps it glossy. You can either take a daily supplement, or try eating more lentils, spinach, and pumpkin seeds to up your dietary intake.

Vitamin A

Like zinc, vitamin A can encourage your scalp to produce a healthy amount of oil, leading to shiny, well-nourished hair. Additionally, there is some evidence that this vitamin can speed up hair growth, leading to longer tresses. Take a daily supplement, or eat more carrots, eggs, and leafy green vegetables.

Vitamin C

This key vitamin can assist the body in producing collagen, which in turn strengthens hair follicles. Also, vitamin C fights free radicals, molecules which can hold back hair growth. Eat your fruit and vegetables, and your diet is sure to be high in vitamin C.

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