Best Ways To Organize Your Earrings

While keeping your jewelry organized can often be challenging, doing so with your earrings is even more so. Small and easy to lose, here are ways that you can prevent yourself from losing earrings going forward.

Sort Them

Think about the different ways you can categorize your earrings, ranging from color to shape, size, style, or how frequently you wear them. This can at least help you to remember where you put your earrings rather than throwing them all into one, muddled-up jewelry box.

Use Multiple Organizers

If you feel as if it’s still challenging to keep track of your earrings, perhaps place them in separate organizers. You could also use organizers with separate boxes for each pair of earrings, which is ideal for studs.

Edit Your Collection

If there are any earrings you seldom or never wear or perhaps some that you have fallen out of love with, it’s time to part ways with them. Cutting down on unwanted, damaged, or partially lost pieces will help you to keep your collection in line.

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