Best Ways to Keep Your Lips Moisturized

You utilize your lips more than you may realize. From talking to kissing to yawning to eating, your lips are essential to many everyday activities. With that being said, nothing feels worse than having dry, cracked lips. Whether your skin is parched, burnt, or just needs a little bit of extra moisture, here are five products that will help keeps your lips moisturized.

Best Ways to Keep Your Lips Moisturized


Vaseline is a wonderful product to put on your lips. When applied, the Vaseline locks in moisture and allows for your lips to retain their hydration. This has been a go to product for preventing and aiding chapped lips. We’d recommend applying a little bit before you go to sleep every night and a little bit when you wake up, in order to keep your lips feeling moisturized throughout the day.

Best Ways to Keep Your Lips Moisturized


Carrying around a chapstick in your purse, backpack, or car is one of the most common methods that people use to prevent chapped lips when they are on the go. There are a ton of different brands to choose from. Make sure you choose a brand with mostly natural products, such as Burt’s Bees, in order to prevent lip irritation. Brands such as Carmax add ingredients into their chapstick that may have additive effects and cause the user to need to constantly apply the chapstick in order to feel the relief.

Best Ways to Keep Your Lips Moisturized

Home Remedy

Chapstick and lip balms are great for instant relief of that chapped feeling, but what if you want to refresh and moisturize your lips by completely ridding yourself of dry, parched skin? A simple routine that you can do at home only needs about 20 minutes. Dip a washcloth into salt water and then hold it on your lips for about 15 minutes. Then, heat up some coconut oil and apply it on your lips for intense moisturizing effects.

Best Ways to Keep Your Lips Moisturized

Soft Lips Lip Balm

If you like carrying around a small product that can quickly and easily offer your chapped lips some relief, one of the best products is Soft Lips Lip Balm. This lip balm comes equipped with SPF to prevent burns, a lovely smell, and even tinted shades. This brand is relatively inexpensive and comes in a short and thin tube that makes it perfect to take on the go.

Best Ways to Keep Your Lips Moisturized

Lip Moisturizer and Sunscreen

What people don’t often realize is that one of the easiest ways that lips become dry and chapped is from being exposed to the sun without protection. If you know that you will be out in the sun a lot during the day, it is important to invest in a lip moisturizer with SPF or a lip sunscreen. Neutrogena offers a Revitalizing Lip Balm product with SPF 20 that will help prevent lip sunburns while also maintaining moisture.

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