Best Ways to Keep Your Cholesterol on the Healthy Side

Managing cholesterol is a lifelong commitment, and the sooner you start—the better. High cholesterol is one of the most common health problems of modern times, but there are certain lifestyle changes that can help you avoid dealing with it in the future.

Healthier Diet

The most effective way to lower your cholesterol is the most obvious: changing your diet. Try to limit the intake of saturated and trans fats found in processed and fried foods, dairy products, and red meat, and try eating more fruits, veggies, whole grains, and fish.

Regular Exercise

Working out on a regular basis will also help you keep your cholesterol levels on the healthy side. Losing excess weight can help improve your cholesterol, and you’ll have an easier time doing this by staying active.

Quitting Smoking & Drinking

If you’re smoking and drinking on a regular basis, it’s time to rethink these habits. Quitting smoking can have a positive impact on your cholesterol levels and overall health, along with moderated alcohol consumption.

Stress Management

Chronic stress can impact cholesterol levels, and you should turn to relaxing activities such as meditation, yoga, and practicing your hobbies to try and keep stress at bay.

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