Best Ways to Embrace a Healthy Approach to TikTok’s “Girl Dinner”

TikTok has brought us a whirlwind of new food trends over the years, and “girl dinner” might be the most relatable one yet. It’s all about putting a low-maintenance twist on your late-night meals, and we’re here to help you make it as healthy and delicious as it gets.

No Unhealthy Snacks

Indulgence is pretty much the essence of “girl dinner”, but that doesn’t mean you should eat just whatever you want to late at night. Sugary and salty snacks such as greasy chips, chocolate bars, and candy aren’t the best pick for “girl dinner” and you should leave them for another time.

Balanced Calorie Count

Many “girl dinner” videos on TikTok rely on low-calorie options, and that’s one of the main reasons why this trend came under fire. Keep in mind that “girl dinner” and restrictive eating shouldn’t go hand in hand, and try to aim for a balanced meal of around 500 calories like you would with a regular dinner.

Perfect Balance

Speaking of eating a balanced meal, picking all the right ingredients is key to keeping your “girl dinner” healthy. Fruits and veggies are always a safe bet, but you should also consider adding some cheese, avocado, or nuts to the mix to up the healthy fat content, along with hard-boiled eggs or hummus for extra protein.

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