“Beige Flags” are the Latest Dating Trend That Has Everyone Talking


You’ve probably heard of red and green flags in dating, but how about beige ones? This is the latest dating term taking TikTok by storm, but what does it actually mean and why is everyone so obsessed with it?

Urban Dictionary defined beige flags as “something that’s neither good nor bad, but makes you pause for a minute when you notice it and then you just continue on.” The term experienced a viral boom once TikTok users stumbled upon it and decided to share their own examples.

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In one of the most popular videos under this tag, Catherine O’Brien revealed wrote, “My boyfriend’s beige flag is that he sets timers instead of alarms. It’s midnight and he needs to wake up at 6? He’ll set a six hour timer.” Her video gave people a better understanding of this term, and countless new examples started rolling in after it went viral.

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Many videos under this tag attracted millions of views and some proved to be pretty polarizing. In several instances, “beige flag” videos went viral because many people felt that the situations described were actually red flags, starting a larger conversation about what is acceptable behavior in relationships.

Long story short, beige flags are not dealbreakers, but they point out small oddities and quirks we all have, from having a deep fear of astronauts to setting reminders instead of alarms.

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