Albino Model Diandra Forrest Makes History with New Campaign

Beauty will have a new face thanks to a bold move by the cosmetic company Wet n Wild. The company just announced that they had chosen albino model Diandra Foster to be one of the faces of their brand. This makes her the first individual with albinism has acted as the face of a major beauty product company.

Foster is a rising star in the fashion world, but things weren’t always so bright for the beautiful young lady. She was bullied growing up and turned away by modeling coaches when she was a teen. Still, she pressed on and got signed by a modeling agency. They helped her reach the front of an issue of Ebony magazine, play a part in a music video by Beyonce, and strut down the runway at New York Fashion Week. Now she’s reaching new heights thanks to the Wet n Wild campaign, where she will star alongside four other diverse models.

The choice to give the role to Foster isn’t just a symbolic gesture; it speaks to the struggles that individuals with albinism face. Foster has spoken about having trouble finding beauty products that matched her unique skin tone.

It speaks to Wet n Wild’s overall approach to beauty. They don’t just speak to inclusivity using these sort of symbolic measures; their reasonable pricing ensures that people of all economic levels can use their products. Just ten dollars is enough to purchase most of the foundations offered by Wet n Wild.

Albinism is a rare disorder, but there are still plenty of people who have the skin condition. In America, there are around fifteen thousand albino individuals. Now those thousands of people have a new public face thanks to Diandra Foster and Wet n Wild.

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