Adding Color To Your Face With Dipped Brows

Fashion trends can be hard to keep up with. Instagram Models will spend hours carefully preparing their eyebrows so that they will look out of this world for the fraction of a second it takes to snap a selfie. These masterpieces are amazing to look at on your smartphone, but they aren’t very practical. Fortunately, the newest trend is something a little more practical. We’re talking about dripped brows.

The look is as simple as is elegant. The idea is that the eyebrows are partly colored, so it looks like they were partially dipped in paint or dye. It can be subtle or flashy, making it perfect for all sorts of fashion-forward ladies.

The look is the brainchild of British make-up artist Bea Sweet. The twin DJs Simi and Haze Khadra called on Sweet to help them develop looks that they could rock for the 2018 edition of London Fashion Week. Bea responded by carefully painting each woman’s eyebrows so that they fade between colors like bright pink and pitch black and their natural hair color.

The look was an instant hit. Dipped eyebrows quickly spread across London and around the world as women discovered the joys of this simple but powerful look. While other looks require hours of work, professional-level make-up skills, or a lot of money dipped eyebrows can be achieved with a relatively small investment of time and money. All you need is a mirror to look at yourself with, liner or mascara in the color you want, and something to apply the color with.

The beauty of this approach is the way that you can take it off just as easily as you put it on. You can color your brows bright pink or purple for a night out and then wash them off in the shower before heading off to work. You can even use a more subdued color to create a more dynamic look for your face without going so overboard that your boss might get mad. It’s a powerful and flexible way to spice up your look. Just remember not to rub your eyebrows if you dip them.


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