A New Bra Can Help Detect Breast Cancer

An 18-year boy from Mexico is lapping up his newfound fame since he invented a bra that can detect breast cancer – and all due to his mother’s diagnosis and subsequent double mastectomy.

Scientists and professionals in the medical world are in awe at this incredible invention which one young Julia Ruas Cantu first prize at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) for his breakthrough design.

Nicknamed EVA, the bra is able to alert women to breast cancer before it becomes life threatening through some 200 biosensors, which are able to monitor the weight shape and temperature of the breast.

An increase in blood flow to the breast is one of the signs medics take as potential breast cancer. As the woman only needs to wear the bra once a week for one hour, if there is cause for concern it will be discovered very quickly.

Cantu went on to say that, “It allows us to have the breasts in the same position [so it can detect change] and it doesn’t have to be worn more than one hour a week.”

Cantu’s invention earned him a $20,000 award, and gave him hope for the future both in terms of a low-cost way to mass-produce the cancer-screening bra, and more world-renowned inventions.

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