8 Minute Ab Workout

            Want to work on your abs but don’t have enough time? Or have the time but don’t belong to a gym? Almost everyone likes to work their abs: whether or not they want have a strong core or want to work on their six pack, taking care of your body is always a good idea. This quick 8 minute abs workout is not only great at getting a nice burn in your abs but it is also a quick and easy workout. You don’t need any equipment for this workout so there’s no excuse not to do it! Workout structure: 12 reps per exercise, 8 moves, repeat as many times as you’d like.

  1. Knee Tuck Crunch: sit with your hands on the floor and your knees bent off the ground and crunch your knees to your chest, this move is also called a superman
  2. Chest Raise: lay on your stomach and lift your arms and legs at the same time
  3. Oblique Crunch, left, and Oblique Crunch, right: lay on your respective sides and bring your elbow to your neck and crunch, engaging that oblique.
  4. Jackknife Crunch: lay on your back and lift your legs and keep them straight, reach your hands to your feet.
  5. Russian Twists: sit on your butt and lift your legs and twist your core from left to right
  6. Mountain Climbers: get into plank position and run your legs: bring your knees to your chest one after the other
  7. Plank: straighten out your legs and hold yourself up by your forearms and toes and stay for 30 seconds without breaking.


This workout works all parts of your core and will have you shaking by the end of it. Happy sweating!

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