57 Regular Women Cast in Aerie’s Latest Lingerie Campaign

Aerie has made good on its dedication to body positivity by releasing campaign images that are photoshop-free for its #AerieReal campaign. After four years, this commitment has only become stronger and has reached its stores with the brand’s new shopping experience called #AerieREAL.


Because of new initiatives like the training program “Don’t Change You. Change Your Bra!”, customers can enter Aerie’s stores and confidently buy bras. The program is a partnership between Aerie and NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association) and aims to educate the general public on the significance of body image and seeks to encourage a non-judgemental environment.


New policies for fitting rooms have also been implemented by Aerie. These include Support In The Fitting Room, which allows customers to leave sticky notes with positive messages for fellow customers to read, and the Best Fit Finder, which is something that Aerie staff will use to aid customers in finding the right measurements for bras in order to get a perfect fit.


In celebration of the new shopping experience, the #AerieREAL campaign has been launched by Aerie’s. The campaign has 57 ladies of different colors, shapes, sizes and disabilities embracing their unique beauty. Abby Sams, one of the models in the photoshoot, posed for the campaign in her wheelchair. Another model in the campaign, Lexus Morgan, has vitiligo. And Wilma Lawrence, who is the mother of Iskra Lawrence, another #AerieREAL model, also posed for the campaign.

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