5 Winter Nail Designs To Inspire You This Season

Adding a festive nail design can be the perfect accessory to elevate your holiday style. It will serve as a special accessory and bring a smile to your face. For some inspiration, check out these five amazing designs. 

Winter Whites

For a sophisticated look that will go with every outfit, winter whites are the perfect option. Start with a classic French manicure and add a layer of sparkles and some snowflakes to make the nails more festive. 

Forest Green Magic

This asymmetrical green nail look is another great option for a sophisticated and elegant look. And the tiny mistletoes on your fingers may just be the thing that helps you find love this season. 

Holiday Themes

For a touch of whimsy, why not include some fun winter characters on your nails? Penguins, Santas, elves – the world is your oyster. Pair with red and gold for added sparkle and fun. 

French Mistletoe

This look is a combination of a French manicure and elegant mistletoe designs on every finger. With greens, reds, and whites, this look will match so much of your clothing. 

Starry Night

For an elegant night-time look, these dark blue nails are perfect. The sparkle layer and stars on top perfectly emulate the starry sky. 

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