5 Tips & Tricks for Decluttering Your Book Collection

Whether you have a small apartment or want to embrace a more minimalist approach to your home décor, having a limitless book collection is not always an option. Decluttering your book collection may seem like a daunting task, but these useful tips will help you do it with ease.

Clear Goal

Don’t start the decluttering process before you have a clear goal in mind. Define the exact number of books or shelves that you want to keep so you’d have an easier time curating your collection.

Better Organization

While putting an effort to declutter your book collection, take some time to organize it, as well. Categorize books by genres, titles, or author names so you’d have an easier time finding them once you need them.

Keep it Real

There are probably books in your collection that you still haven’t read, and that’s not a coincidence. Be honest with yourself when trying to determine if you’re going to read a certain book or not, and part ways with ones that are just gathering dust.

Donate & Sell

Give the books you don’t need a second life by selling them online, or consider donating them to local libraries, schools, and charities.

One In-One Out

The “one in-one out” rule can apply to all sorts of different items, including books. It’s all about letting go of one old copy go every time you buy a new one to avoid unnecessary clutter.

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