5 TikTok Food Trends That 2022 Will Be Remembered By

2022 is almost behind us and we owe some of its biggest food trends to TikTok. Trendy foods such as cloud bread, baked oats, and pasta chips are still all the rage on this social media platform, but we’re bringing you five new food crazes we were introduced to in 2022.

Dirty Sodas

Dirty sodas, “spiked” with cream and flavored syrups or fruit juices, became all the rage this year, and experts are predicting they’ll be even more popular in 2023.

Butter Boards

With 358.4 million views and counting, butter boards are definitely one of the biggest TikTok trends to emerge in 2022 and became a huge hit outside of this platform.

@naughtyfork Butter board is my new fvaorite thing. Idea by @Justine Doiron !! #fyp #butterboard #foryou #tiktokfood #viral ♬ Chill Day – LAKEY INSPIRED

Negroni Sbagliato

House of the Dragon star Emma D’Arcy broke the internet when they revealed their drink of choice—”A Negroni. Sbagliato. With Prosecco in it”—and everyone’s been obsessed with this beverage ever since.

@ana_villarins #stitch with @hbomax yo puedo ser lo que quieras por far una oportunidad solo una #emmadarcy #hbomax #rhaenyratargaryen #lgbt #gameofthrones ♬ original sound – Ana

Custard Toast

One of the food crazes from 2022 that you’ve probably forgotten about by now, custard toast went viral because it was a great breakfast option for people who enjoy toast and Greek yogurt in equal measure.

Pink Sauce

Made with sunflower seed oil, dragonfruit, raw honey, milk, and garlic, the pink sauce was created by TikTok user @chef.pii, and it will be remembered as one of the most divisive food trends of 2022.

@chef.pii #pink ♬ original sound – PINK SAUCE QUEEN 👑💖🤤

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