5 TikTok Beauty Trends That You Need in Your Life This Spring

TikTok has introduced us to more beauty trends than we can count, and it’s showing no signs of stopping. Some of the spring’s biggest beauty trends emerged on this social media platform, and here are five you should keep an eye on.

Wet Cherry Lips

The days of matte nude lipstick are behind us, and glossy looks are making a comeback, with all-red wet cherry lips being one of the biggest hits right now.

Diamond Lips

Speaking of glossy makeup looks, diamond lips are also having a moment. This trend is all about lining your upper and lower lips with shimmery highlighter, eyeshadow, or lipliner to give them a dazzling vibe.

Micro Beauty

From micro bangs to short manicures, TikTok users are ditching the “go big or go home” approach and putting the micro beauty trend on the map.

Coquette Beauty

Coquette beauty is having quite a moment on TikTok, and it’s the most searched beauty term of 2023 so far. This trend is a little bit difficult to pin down, but it’s generally all about rosy cheeks, thick eyeliner, and romantic pink hues.

Soft Goth

Netflix series Wednesday brought the goth aesthetic back, but TikTok users are all about keeping it subtle this time around, pairing smoky eyes with nude lipstick instead of going into full goth mode.

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