5 Fashion Trends From Selena Gomez’s Instagram That You Need in Your Life

Selena Gomez is one of Instagram’s most followed celebrities, and her posts are always worth waiting for. She introduced us to many amazing fashion trends this season, and here are five you should consider embracing before summer comes to a close.


Barbiecore is one of the biggest fashion trends of 2023, and Gomez loves it so much that she hosted a Barbie-themed birthday party and rocked an adorable hot pink mini dress for the occasion.

Flower Power

Gomez marked her 31st birthday in several different outfits, including this show-stopping strapless mini dress by Bottega Veneta, which featured eye-catching 3D floral embroidery.

Butterfly Print

Butterfly print experienced a huge comeback in recent years, and the “Calm Down” singer gave it her seal of approval in this colorful Versace dress, which featured both polka dots and butterflies.

Knitted Tops

Knitted tops and summer usually don’t go hand in hand, but the way we look at them changed in recent years. Many major brands embraced knitted and crocheted summer wear, and Christian Dior seems to be Gomez’s personal favorite.

Just Add Pearls

The emergence of the mermaidcore trend put pearly jewelry back on the map, and the Rare Beauty founder couldn’t resist wearing pearl necklaces on several occasions this summer.

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