5 Budget-Friendly Experiences to Try When Traveling Solo

Traveling on your own is a life-changing experience that comes with a long list of benefits, but a low price tag isn’t one of them. Solo travel can be pricy because you don’t have anyone to share your expenses with, but there are still many fun experiences that you can enjoy on a budget.

Hostel Stay

Hostels are the most budget-friendly accommodation type you could possibly book. They’re a huge hit with solo travelers because you can meet many like-minded people during your stay.

Volunteering Opportunities

If you want to explore the art of slow travel, consider volunteering at local hostels and homestays during your visit in exchange for logging. It’s a great way to score free accommodation, get some work experience, and meet many new people.

Use Local Transportation

Traveling on public transportation may not seem like much of an adventure, but it’s actually a great way to save some money, enjoy the scenery, and explore a new country in the most authentic way.

Free Walking Tours

Free walking tours are a fantastic way to learn more about the history and culture of a new city in a short period of time and mingle with fellow solo travelers.

Exploring Street Food Scene

If you’re a passionate foodie looking forward to exploring the culinary scene of a new country, it doesn’t get much better—or cheaper—than trying delicious street food during your visit.

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