5 Best Looks From Margot Robbie’s Sensational “Barbie” Press Tour

Hollywood A-listers tend to go all-in when picking their press tour looks, and Margot Robbie managed to pull off the red carpet spectacle like no other while promoting Barbie. She channeled our favorite doll every time she hit the red carpet, and we’re bringing you five of her very best promo tour looks.

Sydney Promo

Barbie is usually associated with the color pink, but the very first doll was actually wearing a black and white chevron-striped swimsuit, and Robbie recreated this iconic look while promoting the movie in Sydney.

Seoul Promo

Robbie served several amazing looks while promoting Barbie in South Korea, and pulled double duty with two Versace looks that paid homage to “Day to Night” Barbie from 1985.

Mexico City Promo

If you’re a huge fan of 90s style, you’ll be happy to hear that Robbie took us back to this era, as well. She gave us nostalgia overload with an “Earring Magic”-inspired look and joined forces with Balmain to bring it to life.

Los Angeles Premiere

Robbie took a break from wearing pink at the film’s world premiere, but her look still worked because every detail on her dazzling Schiaparelli dress was inspired by “Solo in the Spotlight” Barbie from 1960.

London Premiere

Just when we thought we’d seen it all, the Australian actress brought Old Hollywood glamour to the red carpet in London in a show-stopping Vivienne Westwood gown that took us back straight to the 60s.

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