3 Ways To Create A Sustainable Exercise Habit

We all know that physical activity is good for us, but most of us end up not doing enough. Sometimes, there are very good reasons for this – work or home life gets in the way, we get run down with illnesses, or we prioritize our social activities instead. If you’re looking to create a sustainable, manageable exercise routine, check out these simple tips and tricks.

Find A Buddy

Almost all of us respond better to exercise if we’re doing it with someone else. Talk to your friends and see if any of them are up for regular gym, running or yoga sessions with you. Going together will make you both feel more accountable (and therefore more likely to show up), and it’s also more fun to have someone to laugh along with during exercise classes.

Do Something You Enjoy

There’s no point in signing up for a six week course of Pilates sessions, if you really can’t stand Pilates. Make sure the exercise you’re doing is something you enjoy. Test out a few activities to find the one that is your favorite, and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box—depending on where you live, you might find that river kayaking, ballet, bouldering or bog snorkeling is in fact your favorite form of physical activity.

Set Realistic Goals

If you’ve got to be at work for 7am every day, don’t set yourself the challenge of completing a two-hour gym session before that (unless you love getting up super early!) Think about how you can fit an exercise routine into your current lifestyle—f you try and adapt your lifestyle too much to fit around the exercise, there’s a higher chance that you will get bored or frustrated and give up.

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