3 Tips For Your Annual Closet Cleanout

Are you feeling overwhelmed every time you open your closet? We all have those pieces we cling to for sentimental reasons or those “just in case” items we’ve never actually worn. But let’s be real, a cluttered closet doesn’t help anyone. If you’re ready for a cleanout, here are a few tips. 

Set Aside Time and Prepare

An effective closet cleanout isn’t something you can rush through in an hour. Set aside a block of time where you can focus solely on this task. Have bins or bags on hand for different categories like keep, donate, sell, and recycle, and don’t rush the process. 

Assess Each Item Honestly

This step is often the most challenging. Take each item out of your closet and assess it honestly. Ask yourself questions like: Have I worn this in the past year? Does it fit well and make me feel good? Is it in good condition? Avoid holding on to items “just in case.” Try to be honest with yourself. 

Organize What Remains

Once you’ve decided what to keep, it’s time to organize these items back into your closet. An organized closet can save you time and stress when getting dressed and help maintain the cleanliness of your space.

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