3 Tips for Trying Celebrity Workouts in a Realistic Way

Many celebrities are sharing their workout routines with the world these days, but you should tread lightly before trying them. Celebrity workouts are often unachievable for most people and we’re here to help you embrace them in a more realistic way.

Different Goals

The first thing you should keep in mind before giving celebrity workouts a shot is that you and your favorite celebrity aren’t working out with the same goal in mind. You’re not trying to get fit for an action movie or a world tour, so there’s no need to put too much pressure on yourself by making your routine too intense.

Right Equipment

Equipment-free workouts are pretty popular with people working out at home, but the same can’t be said about celebrities. You’ll most likely have to find a gym that has all the machines involved in your go-to celebrity workout, and you should even consider working with a personal trainer to learn the ropes.

No Copy-Paste

Copying every step of a celebrity workout usually isn’t the best idea. Different exercises work for different people, and you should focus on the parts of a celebrity routine that you enjoy the most, in addition to having the potential of leading to the best results.

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