3 Things to Remember When Starting a New Job

It can feel pretty intimidating when you start a new job. You’re thrust into the lion’s den, seemingly, and even if it’s a role you have experience in, it’s still a new place with new people you barely know. If you’re about to start a new job and you’re feeling the jitters, here are three things to consider that may help your experience.

You’ll Start Slow

Remember that your new manager, or whoever is in charge of you, is quite aware of what you may be going through. Therefore, they’ll probably give you a very soft landing. They won’t give you too much work in the beginning, and they’ll ease you in with onboarding or basic training.

You’re Not the Center Of Attention

Another thing to remember is that you’re not the center of attention. As much as we’d all like to think that we are, we’re not. All eyes are not on you, and therefore you can stop worrying that all of the employees are watching your every move.

You’ll Get To Know Everyone

Finally, the best part about starting a new job is that you’re starting a relationship with a new group of people. Sure, you’re new right now, but eventually, you’re going to get to know a lot of people—and some of them might actually end up being your really good friends.

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