3 Subtle Ways to Add Faux Fur to Your Outfits

Faux fur is one of those winter trends that always seems to be in. However, if you’re not keen on a big faux fur moment but still want to include some of the fun trend, then there are plenty of ways to subtly incorporate this material into your looks. Here are 3 ideas for ways to add faux fur to your outfits without it taking center stage. 

A Collar

If you’re not ready to dive into the faux fur coat world entirely, then a faux fur collar is perfect. This adds some cute coziness to your look without being too in your face and is super snuggly when it’s cold out. You can either buy a jacket with a fur collar, or you can buy faux fur collars which can be added to any jacket. 

Boot Toppers

These are elasticated and sit on the top of your boots to add some extra detail. You can find ones fully faux fur, or more wooly ones that have faux fur pompoms. There are loads of options to choose from, and these are ideal for temporarily turning your favorite winter shoes into cute furry boots.

Fur Trim Gloves

Gloves are essential when the weather gets colder, and why not add some cute faux fur trim to them? This will add extra warmth and coziness while being stylish and fun. Again, there are so many styles to choose from so there’ll be something out there perfect for you. 

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