3 Reasons to Start Swimming Once a Week

Most people are aware of the huge benefits of regular exercise. There are documented positive effects on physical and mental health, so it’s important to try to include some whenever possible. Swimming is a great choice for this, and here are some of the reasons to try including it in your weekly schedule. 

Low-Impact Whole-Body Exercise

Swimming is an intense workout for the whole body. Just being in the water helps to work all your muscles, and swimming is a great way to burn energy. It’s also low-impact, which means there’s way less strain on your joints than something like running. This combination makes it the perfect exercise for so many people.

It’s Peaceful

Exercises like running or cycling are great, but require quite a level of concentration and can be quite intense. With swimming, gliding through the water is much more calming and soothing and so is a great way to wind down the mind while also getting some good exercise.

It’s Not Weather-Dependent

At this time of year especially, so many forms of exercise are impossible or just very difficult when the weather is bad. Swimming is perfect for a wet, cold, windy day, as you can move your body while enjoying being in the warm, cozy indoors.

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