3 Reasons to Give No-Repeat Workouts a Shot

Circuit workouts with multiple repetitions of the same movements are all the rage these days, but they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. If you want to add a sense of newness to your fitness routine, no-repeat workouts will get you there and here are some of their biggest benefits.

Engaging Workouts

It’s easier to stay truly engaged during no-repeat workouts because you never know what’s coming your way. Instead of repeating the same moves over and over again, you’ll be constantly doing something new, adding more variety to your workout routine.

Dreaded Exercises

Whether it’s push-ups or planks we all have an exercise or two that we truly dread. The good thing about no-repeat workouts is that you only have to do them once, so it’s much easier to make it through these exercises and look forward to doing something you actually enjoy once they’re done.

Eliminating Boredom

Traditional circuit workouts can be a motivation killer if you don’t enjoy repeating the same exercises over and over again. No-repeat workouts will help you eliminate boredom from your routine because they don’t feel repetitive and they’ll truly keep you on your toes. You’ll have to stay more alert because each exercise is bringing something new your way.

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