3 Reasons that Going to a Local Gig is a Great First Date Idea

First dates are super daunting. Meeting new people in general is nerve-wracking, and in the context of dating the stakes are even higher. As such you want an activity that will cause minimal stress and be enjoyable. Going to a small gig in a local venue is ideal, and here are some reasons why it’s a great choice. 

Not Too Intense

Going for dinner with someone you don’t know too well can be quite overwhelming. There are so many opportunities for awkward moments and many people would rather not do this on a first date. A gig offers a much more relaxed environment where the focus isn’t intensely on each other all the time, but still with plenty of chances to get to know each other. 

Great Way to Bond

Sharing the experience of live music is a special thing to share. Even if it’s not to your personal taste, there are plenty of positive moments still, and sharing these with someone can really help you get to know each other better.

Gives You Something to Talk About

Post date you will have loads of things to chat about, meaning that the conversation will flow much more easily and feel more natural. 

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